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POE: The Bestiary Expansion Marks Their First For 2018

War for the Atlas, as the previous update for Path of Exile, and it got a great success. In November 2017, yet here we are with Bestiary packed full of content. The Bestiary expansion marks their first for 2018. Path of Exile succeeds in drawing new players in while keeping things fresh for seasoned veterans. Notably, Bestiary's challenge league will include a Pokemon-esque capturing system comprised of different types of nets. U4GM is the first place to go, visit the official website here



Unlike typical crafting mechanics, beastcrafting involves a trial by combat - players have to defeat the beasts they are crafting with once more in order to create or augment potent items. Wilson commented that the erosion of the ascendancy classes' efficacy did not go unnoticed and that this update is certainly due. In the new update, easy to jump into while possessing plenty of endgame content and new updates for the truly dedicated. 


Bestiary will be immediately accessible to brand new players. Unique monsters found in the first few minutes will have valuable recipes associated with them that can help players craft incredibly useful early-game items, like boots with a movement speed modifier. For endgame players, Bestiary has four new spirit animal bosses that can be captured and used for crafting. Why don't we go to U4GM to buy exalted orbs


What is an expansion without new gems and items? Bestiary comes with three new gems: Spectral Shield Throw, which provides additional offensive capabilities based on your shield's defensive statistics, Summon Phantasm on Kill, which is a support gem that summons ghosts when you kill enemies and Tectonic Strike. Players can weaken and then capture almost 250 regular and 40 legendary beasts within the game.