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Path Of Exile Strives Against The Influence Of Its Competitors

To be honest, Path of Exile is still my favorite game and I plan to spend many thousands of hours more on it. The game is free-to-play, and wonderfully generous with it. The microtransaction store is almost entirely stocked with cosmetic effects that make your weapons glow, or give your character new emotes. The Path of Exile forums are overflowing with players peddling their latest character ideas. Are you looking for more news and tips? Click for source



Path of Exile strives against the influence of its recent competitors. The muted locales and exquisite claustrophobia of its dungeons reject Torchlight's exuberant visuals. The idea behind Bestiary league is an interesting one. Or at least, it was interesting when Pokemon did it. Now it’s a bit played out but that doesn’t mean there isn’t new things that can be brought to the genre. 


If you play action-RPGs as a cathartic power trip, to slam into monstrous hordes and watch their bloody bodies ragdoll across the scenery, then Path of Exile will seem dry. Path of Exile is well placed to capture gamers alienated by Blizzard's new direction, although like its controversial older brother it still requires an internet connection to play. An exceptionally generous free-to-play action RPG. What it lacks in punch it makes up for in depth and value for money. 


Unlike Diablo 3, Path of Exile never had gear that unlocked special bonuses when wearing more than one piece of a particular set. These new spirit animal sets change that, but with a special Path of Exile twist. The 3.0 release of Path of Exile has completely redefined the game and made it even better. This is apparent by examining the Steam Charts, which show the greatest growth of the game since it was released. Path of Exile items are required by more and more gamers.