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Date And New Details Of The Elder Scrolls Online: Horns Of The Reach

Bethesda brings us new information on The Elder Scrolls Online's new DLC: "Horns of the Reach" which will be released later this month in August and will include two new dungeons along with the announced 4V4V4 PVP modes from Arcane University or Chaosball and others added to give it more life if it fits the popular MMORPG.



Among the improvements that will include the new DLC we see how they have improved we find:


Crafting Research: The crafting research will undergo some changes and thus it will be possible for example to cancel the investigation that we are doing at any moment to be able to modify or to do something different, but running the risk of losing the object with which we are working since it will be destroyed.

Guild: Guild management has also been improved with the option of guild invite history, so the Guildmasters as well as other members can verify data about the guild they are going to invite. The teachers of the guild will have the option to determine if the other members can have and see the financial control of the same.

Improvements in quality of life: Now in combat we can customize the colors in post to distinguish whether it is combat against enemies or friendly combat. Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers are also added for players who prefer PVP or are master craftsmen. These vouchers can be redeemed by going to a banker and opting for the deposit money option and you can even withdraw the vouchers and writing through the option to withdraw currency.



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