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ESO Tips & Tricks: Make ESO Gold When PvPing

Want to make ESO gold while PvPing in Cyrodiil? Here you will find a way to achieve the goal. This method is pretty easy and simple, you will be farming Alliance Points in Cyrodiil so you can use your Alliance Points to buy items you will then sell for tons of gold to other players. 


By using this method you will be able to farm gold while having fun PvPing. You will be gaining XP, Levels, and Champion Points at the same time. Notably, you can use this method on any character above level 10.



Go To Cyrodiil


Firstly, hit (L) on your keyboard to go to the Alliance War, then go to the Campaigns Tab to join a Cyrodiil Campaign.


Farm Alliance Points


Below are a few tips for farming AP efficiently. Most players can farm 300k-500k+ Alliance Points (AP) a day depending on how good you are and how many hours you spend PvPing.


Don't stay in the same location for too long because there are diminishing returns on killing the same players over and over.

Make sure to use Area of Effect abilities so you tag as many enemies as you can, this will give you Alliance Points if any of them die.

Make sure to get defensive ticks, they are awarded upon successful defense of a keep, outpost or resource. The 'tick' is all the Alliance Points of all killed players thrown together and split among all the defenders present at the keep.


Go To Armory Merchants


After you're done farming Alliance Points for the day, then go to Armory Merchants. Elite Gear Vender and Magus Vender where near to Elite Gear Vender are good places to step to the next step.


Buy Items That Players Willing To Spend Gold On


Below we have listed the top selling items players are currently buying, if new items are added find out which ones players are willing to pay top dollar for.


Elite Gear Vender Items – These items are guaranteed income, you spend your AP on them and just sell the item. I tend to spend a little more of my AP on Unfathomable Accessory bags.


Magus Vender Items – If you buy the v14 Unfathomable Accessory bags you have a chance to get a few different types of items that sell for tons of gold.


Sell Items for Gold


You can sell the items you purchase to other players through zone chat or through a Traders Guild Store. If You Want To Join a Trading Guild you can ask people when you group up if they can give you an invite to a trading guild or you can ask in zone chat. We highly recommend you get an addon called “Master Merchant” this addon will record all sales made through Guild Stores and display the average selling price of any item you mouse over. This will allow you to always know what to sell items for and keep you up to date on the current market.


By using this ESO Gold farming strategy you are able to easily make 150K Gold per day. It's a fun and profitable method of making gold but very time consuming. 


However if you don't enjoy PvP this might feel like more of a grind to you. It's no doubt that there are better gold making strategies that will make more gold without having to grind for hours everyday. It depends on yourself.