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Albion Online - Compensation For Server And DDOS Issues

The setbacks of Sanbox Interactive have been continuing since the launch of the game, Albion Online, on July 17th. Initially handicapped by heavy server problems, particularly related to a large and unpredictable population, the game is now tainted by many disconnections linked to DDOS attacks by hackers hackers paid by illegal gold sellers. The studio decided to reward its patient players.



Following the problems of servers at the launch of the game, Sandbox had already promised its premium players a compensation translated by an increase in the duration of the premium time of 7 days. Nevertheless, recent attacks are even more embarrassing than the initial problems and prevent a large part of the players from being able to simply enjoy the game. Consequently the developers decided an increase of 7 additional days making the compensation to 14 days for a large part players.


However, a basic requirement is required, having the premium activated on the account and the character in question. A condition that can be questioned insofar as all these problems affect absolutely all the players, not just the premium players. While a majority of players have a premium account included with the basic purchase of the game, many people have created other characters who also suffer from these difficulties in connecting and playing the game. Some have been able to remove their character Basic or even not having activated their premium to date for any reasons. We can also wonder whether 14 days are enough to deal with all the difficulties that some players have been going through since the first day.


Despite this, we can only encourage these decisions, as it is the entire Albion Online community that is undergoing these attacks and threatening to leave the game if these problems are not resolved quickly. It is hoped for the studio that he has not yet used all his cartridges and that the players will remain patient while the developers regulate this situation as they promised. Additional days will be allocated during daily maintenance tomorrow.


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