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Madden 22: Why is it always plain and not surprising!

Year after year, the different seasons of Madden look the same every year! It's just that some aspects are more accurate, but it still feels like a shortcoming! Last year, Madden 21 was released on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Therefore, this year's Madden 22 can be released on these two platforms. Although it has made significant progress and improvements compared to last year's Madden 21, there is no substantive content in Madden 22 that makes me feel particularly excited and excited!


All the time and energy of the EA Sports team is used to make this year's release is a truly next-generation experience. There is no bill and energy to develop a particularly novel update! In Madden 22, the franchise model and the ultimate team are players' favorite game modes. So they important these content year after year, paving the way for legendary status in the franchise's face, fighting against it in more arcade modes such as Superstar KO and The Yard, or managing their career in Madden Ultimate Team career. Because EA Sports has always provided time and money to develop projects to make money, just like players, no matter what season, they will spend time and energy on playbooks and MUT Coins!

All of these have reappeared in Madden 22, but due to the next generation of hardware technology, all of this has brought a significant makeover. The dynamic gameplay of Madden 22 is widely known for using the evolving Next-Gen Stats to drive CPU player-controlled artificial intelligence. In terms of player tendency and situational game call. Thanks to Next-Gen Stats, player movements and collisions are more realistic, and tackles feel more influential than the previous version. As a ball-handler, knowing how to outsmart an oncoming defender adds another layer of strategy, which makes successful taps or spins more satisfying.


Thanks to new crowd animations, fresh (less redundant) player reactions and sideline animations, and home-court noise advantages, the matchday atmosphere provides a better in-stadium experience-the latter is impressive in terms of its effectiveness against the away team. I am impressed (including when I control the group).


Thanks to Gameday Momentum, the home-field advantage has been dramatically improved. Like the individual player's X factor, the momentum factor (or M factor) provides the environmental impetus for teams with game motivation-whether it comes from the sixth position or a successful deep pass. Each stadium also has its team advantages. For example, as long as the home team is ahead, it will be motivated and recover faster.


M-Factors at home have a great advantage. What impressed me the most was that when you opened the preview before playback, the receiver routes were not well laid out, but all the courses were moving. The curved lines made it difficult for people to know who was walking where. This example alone makes it more critical to accurately understand the track you select, thereby providing a more profound and richer immersive experience.

These improvements have also been extended to the franchise model, and the long-awaited feature was added to the game mode earlier this year. Factors such as player progress, draft logic, and scenario-based decisions that reward (or hinder) the team make the franchise model easier to manage than before.


Although all the minor improvements add to an enjoyable Madden experience, Madden 22 also provides a typical Madden experience. There are still consistency issues in the game, from player actions to penalties. For example, a wide receiver may be too far from receiving the ball in one situation, but in another similar case, Superman received the ball, and no one expected him to catch it. Likewise, I noticed that many defensive passes interfere with calls, when in fact, there shouldn't be any calls at all. When playing some head-to-head online games, I felt very sorry for a player who forgot his microphone and sounded like crying after receiving a defensive pass jamming call when he absolutely shouldn't. . no. (But I don't feel sad because he defeated me in the end.)


It is these inconsistencies that make the Madden series frustrating. You would think that they would be more nervous at this point.



Although Madden 22 is much better than the Madden 21 version, I don't think this is necessary. Is this an excellent way to proactively prepare for the next generation of technologies and features in Madden 22? of course? But can't this time also be used to solve more long-standing community requirements and ideas for improving existing elements in the game? I'm not a developer, and I've never pretended, but for me, my cornerback continues to back away after a fast wide receiver flies past them, which is crazy to me-an insane. The mechanism of frustration has been haunting Madden for as long as I can remember. It's one thing for a cornerback to be defeated in the game. For cornerbacks, not even turning around to catch up with the receiver is another matter altogether.


With those grievances broadcast year after year, Madden 22 is still a worthy pickup if you are on the fence. There is nothing new that is puzzling in this year's release. However, next-generation technology improves gameplay through more realistic player movements, and so does the home-court advantage.