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Lost Ark players unhappy with new raid-busting loot bug

A new "Revolutionary" loot-based bug has frustrated Lost Ark players trying to participate in the recently introduced Valtan Raid, completely blocking their progress. Since the May 19 Lost Ark patch update, dozens of players have experienced this. Same issue when playing new game content.


The bug in question causes Lost Ark loot and UI elements to get stuck on the Lost Ark players cursor, making it impossible to click anything in the game. While the issue seems relatively minor, it makes the game unplayable while in effect.



The recent game-breaking Lost Ark; bug frustrates players

The clip, posted by Reddit user Sagezu, takes place during the new Legion Valtan raid in Lost Ark.


Valtan introduced the Legion's first raid in the Western version of Lost Ark on May 19.


In the clip, Sagezu tries to click on the various elements of Lost Ark but cannot do so as an elemental HP potion is stuck to its cursor.


While they could open menus with key bindings, they were utterly unable to interact with any in-game buttons such as chat or even exit the game.


Sagezu said the bug "ruined the whole raid" because they couldn't fix the problem at critical moments.


The post received over 400 votes in just one day and 172 comments from people who share a similar experience.


The top comment on the post at the time of writing read: "This happened to me too in the city with a random item. It's very annoying."


Other unfortunate players have reported experiencing the same issue in and out of raids.


Some Reddit users have come up with solutions that they have had success with, with Reddit user "Italians" suggesting that "If you press Menu in the bottom right corner, go to the character selection screen and enter your character again, this will be fixed". However, some have had mixed results from the most common methods.


With any luck, the Lost Ark development team will be able to fix this debilitating bug soon so that the Lost Ark player base can get back to enjoying new content in the game.


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