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Fortnite Challenges: How To Find Basketball Hoops?

Now U4GM shares with you Fortnite challenges - Where Basketball Hoops Are Located (Season 5, Week 2 Challenges). And the latest batch of challenges is now available to complete for Battle Pass owners on PS4, Xbox One.

Farming Tera Gold By Vanguard Points & Daily Boxes

There are many ways to get Gold in Tera, which is both boring and fun. So let me list two ways (Vanguard Points & Daily Boxes) to get Tera gold for you. If you have a lot of Tera gold, then you can buy equipment, materials, etc. to help your classes stand out!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Access To The Summerset Island

Summerset is new update for the Elder Scrolls Online, Summerset will be far more accessible for new players, meaning they won't need to grind through the base game and its subsequent expansions to play with seasoned friends. A Free Play Event for ESO kicks off today for PC, Mac, and PS4 users, and will begin tomorrow for those on Xbox One. The free trial allows you to try out the basic content of The Elder Scrolls Online, and it will end on Tuesday, March 27th.

Path Of Exile Strives Against The Influence Of Its Competitors

To be honest, Path of Exile is still my favorite game and I plan to spend many thousands of hours more on it. The game is free-to-play, and wonderfully generous with it. The microtransaction store is almost entirely stocked with cosmetic effects that make your weapons glow, or give your character new emotes. The Path of Exile forums are overflowing with players peddling their latest character ideas. Are you looking for more news and tips? Click for source.